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About The Strip

Bright Goose is a comedic science-fiction saga full of flawed characters set against astronomical vistas, in the vein of Starslip and Red Dwarf. Gene Roddenberry would not approve.

It follows the exploits of a yacht crew who find themselves caught up in something far more significant than they ever dreamed of, with roles to play in a conflict that demands more of them than they suspect they are capable of: A few could possibly prove themselves wrong. For some of them, their greatest enemies might be themselves. For others, their greatest enemy might be the spacecephalopod pointing eight lasers at them. It really does run the gamut. Full to bursting with quantum, cocktails and conspiracies, Bright Goose launched in January 2013 and is hopefully scheduled to run at least four years. Tell your friends! The first comic can be found here.

Thematically inspired by many science-fiction farces, Bright Goose hopefully also contains elements of the optimism, aspiration and humanism present in the author’s favourite literature.


About The Author


Chris M Sutcliffe is a 25 year old journalism MA student from the UK who hopes to be a successful author and apparently writes in the third person. His favourite authors are Terry Pratchett, Tad Williams, Robin Hobb, Joe Haldeman and Iain M. Banks. Bright Goose is first and foremost an attempt at world-building and an experiment in long-form storytelling, though hopefully his ability to draw will improve along the way too. He apologises for all the ugly panels. He looks rad in a Captain America mask (significantly less so out of it).





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