Episode One: All That Remains

A friendship is irrevocably altered by guest star Rahul’s treatment of a bereaved man in Telltale’s The Walking Dead. The first ever episode of the BGFS Podcast is here!


Episode Two: His Last Vow

A discussion of the BBC’s Sherlock is derailed by appreciation of Irish ladies’ hair, Stephen Moffat-bashing and meditations on what it means to be a candlestick. Episode two can be found here! With guest star Heidi.


Episode Three: Boilermaker

In which four beers become six and a rum, the precise location of Frasier Crane’s residence remains a contentious issue and special guest star Phill tells his origin story in four parts.


Episode Five: Tinker, Tailor…

Should restaurateurs be made to teach their waiting staff martial arts? Is it unfair that MI6 doesn’t have branded stationary, or just good practice? Guest star Greg takes us through the novels of John le Carré (and takes a few detours along the way).